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Industrial & Environmental Concepts:

Capturing Biogas Energy to Increase Your Business Profits While Safeguarding the Environment

Methane is a biogas produced from swine or cow manure, as well as food processing and meat packing waste. Methane is a natural gas, that when left uncollected, contributes to the harmful greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. When biogas is captured under a cover and becomes concentrated, it creates a corrosive and toxic byproduct called hydrogen sulfide. The gas generates a rotten egg smell that requires a well-designed containment management plan.

Industrial & Environmental Concepts, (IEC) has a cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution for your biogas problems. IEC has created a Biogas Collection System that safely captures biogas and channels it to a central draw off point. Captured biogas will provide lucrative revenue streams for our customers. They range from the sale of carbon credits, to utilizing the methane to power a generator that creates electricity which is sold back to the power grid.

Additional profit can be realized from lower O&M costs. IEC’s cover system enables customers to collect rainwater, thus reducing the volume of wastewater that is annually pumped or trucked, resulting in an average savings of a penny per gallon.

IEC has twenty-five years of experience in the waste water industry and has designed, built, and installed over a thousand covers worldwide. Their superior designs, engineering, materials, and installation techniques have set them apart from their competitors. IEC uses a series of weights and floats to direct biogas to the perimeter collection system. The covers can be anchored with different methods. Methods of anchoring include burying the cover in a perimeter anchor trench, battening to a concrete ring wall, or welding to a geomembrane liner using IEC’s patented tri-weld system. The new Tri-weld design provides the customer with an efficient and economical approach to connect the liner and the cover, eliminating the escape of gas through the ground.

IEC understands that an interruption caused by installing their cover could mean a loss of revenue for their customers. So they have come up with an effective installation process that allows the Biogas Collection System to be installed on a full or empty pond, minimizing the customer’s down time.

IEC has highly skilled and experienced installation crews that coordinate their schedule with the customer to attain the most desirable schedule for the customer.

With proper maintenance and care, IEC customers can expect over twenty years of cover performance from their biogas collection system. IEC offers a wealth of experience and benefits to their clientele. Each Biogas Collection System is customized to fit the needs of the consumer/investor. IEC’s quick response when customers incur damage due to weather or accidents is like no other in the industry. With over 1,000 covered lagoons worldwide, Industrial & Environmental Concepts are the cover experts.