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Gas Collection Covers


1X2A6908IEC's Floating Gas Collection Covers are specifically designed for each client. IEC's experience in custom design and field fabrication insures a successful project. Certified IEC technicians have installed over 10 million square feet of covers in some of the harshest industrial and environmental site conditions.

Gas Cover Advantages:
  • Can be installed without site interruption
  • Can be installed on tanks or lagoons
  • Eliminates rainwater ponding problems
  • Eliminates gas ballooning
  • Provides high buoyancy and rigidity
  • Hatches provide access to in-basin equipment
  • Pre-manufactured panels improve quality
  • Are fabricated at IEC’s plant, so field welding is not required
Types of Gas Collection Covers for Industrial Use

Gas Storage Covers

shutterstock_519318589IEC offers the right solution for any type of gas storage. The need for gas storage is project specific and depends upon production and space availability. Our vessels can be free standing or installed in tanks, containers or buildings.

Advantages & Options
  • Methane cover
  • Renewable gas cover
  • Gas collection cover
  • Anaerobic Digester cover
  • Digester cover
  • Gas storage cover
  • Operating Pressure Designs 5 – 70 MB
  • Turn-key Installation for Blower, PRV’s and Sensors
  • Short Lead Times and Installation
  • Storage from 50 to 38,000 cu. Meters
  • Ultrasonic Height Gauge
  • Gas Pressure Sensor

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