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IEC’s Quick-Stairs: A Simple, Cost-Effective Way to Prevent Slip and Fall Hazards on Your Job Site

April 24, 2020

A major challenge for working on steep slopes, hills and embankments, is safety. Is there an easier and safer way to walk on lined and unlined surfaces at an incline?

Introducing a New, Customizable, Portable Safety Stairway System – Quick-Stairs

IEC’s Quick-Stairs safety stairway system is customizable to any length and is easy to install with only basic tools. The system significantly reduces slip and fall hazards on your site by eliminating foot traffic on slippery liner surfaces, while non-slip treads provide traction to keep your workers safe.

How Quick-Stairs Saves You Money

Since each Quick-Stairs unit is individually adjustable (0-50°), your Quick-Stairs safety stairway system can be adapted to any incline. It can replace multiple catwalk crossovers and portable access stairs over its lifetime, making the Quick-Stairs safety stairway system completely affordable!

Looking for a high quality and safe stairway system for access on your project work site? Contact IEC today and learn more about Quick-Stairs!