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Agricultural Pond Covers


When it comes to superior agricultural pond cover products only IEC Covers offers the most affordable and customized agricultural cover systems that can meet the needs of your project. For almost three decades, IEC Covers has been offering farmers dependable, practical, effective and affordable agricultural pond cover products, including manure storage applications that meet their specifications and environmental regulation requirements. Due to the ever-evolving NRCS waste and nutrient management regulations, IEC Covers has come up with a wide range of agricultural pond cover solutions that can tackle the most sophisticated problems in the field such as: biogas collectionalgae controlodor controlheat retention and more.

For anything involving agricultural pond cover systems, only IEC Covers has the expertise, experience and know-how to provide you with the best and most practical solutions for all your agricultural applications. Since 1993, IEC Covers has been providing farmers with cost effective agricultural pond cover systems that are up to par with current environmental and regulatory guidelines. Here at IEC Covers you have access to a wide range of cover solutions that can meet the most challenging issues in the agricultural industry and beyond.

Gas Collection

For agricultural ponds, gas collection is one of the most essential income-generating activities. IEC Covers can provide you with custom agricultural pond cover products for all kinds of lagoons and ponds. Our agricultural pond cover is the perfect solution for the efficient collection of methane gas originating from wastewater treatment. Our agricultural pond cover products feature superior gastight properties that can effectively control odor while also protecting biogas from potential contamination. Our products come in both insulated and non-insulated varieties. Use the collected biogas to generate heat and electricity for waste-to-energy projects. This source of renewable fuel can save farmers a lot of money in utility costs. Safety is another reason why you should consider our agricultural pond cover products. It is very safe to walk over thereby allowing operators to take samples of the contents of the lagoon or tank while also performing other routine maintenance tasks.

Experience Superior Agricultural Pond Cover Performance Including:

  • Biogas collection that may be converted to clean renewable energy
  • Foul odors are eliminated
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Ease of access for sampling and maintenance tasks

Advantages of IEC Covers Agricultural Pond Cover System

When it comes to agricultural pond covers, the rest of the competition follows IEC Covers. Our superior craftsmanship and technology is evident in each and every agricultural pond cover we customize and fabricate for our clients. You get a product that is designed to resist the toughest field conditions and can operate efficiently in any climate condition. We use only the best materials possible that are completely resistant to tears and punctures including chemical and ultraviolet light resistance.

Our agricultural pond cover system comes packed with built-in systems that allow efficient drainage of snowmelt. We can also offer you insulated variants that provide more buoyancy and therefore better performance. Our agricultural pond cover can facilitate proper anaerobic digestion through better temperature regulation.

When it comes to maintenance, our agricultural pond cover is designed to allow performance of routine procedures and adjustments with zero disruption of your plant operation. It also features ports and hatches that allow for convenient access to mixers including other required equipment. As such, our agricultural pond cover and agricultural pond cover products may be customized with sophisticated control systems that can be integrated for biogas storage for the purpose of optimizing boilers and engines.

Our exemplary agricultural pond cover system is perfect for the capture, control and collection of rainwater which is a huge expense especially in the lower Midwest and Southwest. Also, our agricultural pond cover allows rainwater to be pumped off-site or collected on a separate pond, or lagoon.

With IEC Covers Agricultural Pond Cover System You Get:

  • Modular design framework that allows panels to be removed for cleaning, draining and normal maintenance routines
  • Superior quality materials such as polyethylene that offers excellent protection against cracks, breaks, harmful UV light and chemicals
  • Convenience for your staff as it allows for safely walking across the modular cover
  • Allows for water level fluctuations
  • Allows for automatic draining of rainwater and snowmelt
  • Perfect compatibility with both aerated and non-aerated configurations

Odor Control

One of the main problems when it comes to agricultural ponds is odor control. Odors coming from manure storage ponds can be quite troublesome from a health and safety standpoint especially if there is a residential area nearby. Odor also attracts bugs and rodents to the area. The chemical composition of manure along with water pH influences the rate of gas and other odorous compounds that are released on the surface.

IEC Covers’ agricultural pond cover greatly reduces the effect of wind blowing on the surface of the manure lagoon because higher wind also increases the rate of gas molecules from the surface. The agricultural pond covers are effective at reducing wave action or rippling on the surface. Waves and ripples can lower resistance of naturally occurring films or covers on the manure itself. We can design a cover that completely covers the water surface. Our covers eliminate the air-to-water interface, significantly reducing the odors seeping out of the pond.

IEC Covers is the Industry Leader

IEC Covers is the worldwide leader for the design, fabrication and installation of agricultural pond covers and liner systems. Our covers offer excellent quality, durability and flexibility to meet all your needs. All our covers come with innovative designs that span the entire range of liner and cover requirements. Whether it is clarifier covers, insulated covers, floating cover for a pond, tank or lagoon, we can provide you with a design that fits your application. Our full time staff of experienced designers, fabricators and installers can ensure you only get the highest quality products. Our experience and reputation in the industry is our calling card and a testament of our commitment and professionalism to complete successfully above and beyond the expectations of our customers.