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Biogas Storage

IEC: The Premier Choice for Methane and (RNG) Renewable Natural Gas Storage

At IEC, we have pioneered advanced solutions in the realm of biogas storage. As the demand for cleaner energy sources rises, the significance of efficient and reliable biogas storage systems, especially Methane Storage and (RNG) Renewable Natural Gas Storage, cannot be understated. Our double membrane products are meticulously designed to meet this increasing demand.

Leader in Gas Holder and Methane Storage Solutions

Flexible Gas Storage

Our storage solutions are versatile, suitable for free-standing setups or integration into tanks, containers, or structures. Perfectly crafted for refined biogas, pure CO2, and natural gas storage, each system undergoes comprehensive static analysis. Our vessels are designed to hold diverse volumes, ensuring that all methane and renewable natural gas storage needs are met.

Easy Access Gas Holder Service Box

Our service box boasts a cutting-edge design that places all connectors above ground for effortless servicing. Components such as the blower, control unit, and sensors remain easily reachable during operation. Built with robust 316 stainless steel, the service box promises durability and uninterrupted functionality.

Unparalleled Quality with ISO-Certified Materials

At the heart of our production process lies an ISO-certified methodology, which is steered by our seasoned technicians. This approach ensures that every single component resonates with superior quality. The biogas storage vessels we manufacture stand out, given they are crafted from industry-leading materials. Notably, our vessels incorporate chemically-resistant membranes, solidifying their robustness. Furthermore, depending on the membrane selection, our welded seams are crafted either through high-frequency techniques or thermal technology, assuring their durability and longevity.

Diverse Gas Holder Designs Tailored to Your Needs

Free-Standing Methane Storage

Customized to your specifications, our free-standing biogas storage systems can be meticulously mounted atop a concrete foundation. These systems can be molded into either a three-quarter shape or a full spherical design. Our continuously operated blowers guarantee that the optimal operating pressure is persistently maintained. Particularly for locations where height restrictions come into play, this design emerges as an ideal (RNG) Renewable Natural Gas Storage solution.

Cylindrical Designs

For projects with limited output or space, we present our cylindrical biogas storage vessels, which are both compact and cost-effective. These cylindrical vessels are designed for easy anchoring into the ground, and their dimensions, in terms of diameter and length, can be adjusted based on specific needs. This design is further enhanced with a blower that precisely controls the pressure, ensuring the stability of both inner and outer walls of the double membrane cylinders.

Partially Buried (Semi-Submerged)

This is a great solution when site requirements impose a height restriction.

Key Advantages & Customizable Features

  • Expansive range of storage capacities suitable for diverse requirements
  • Integration of volume and pressure sensors for enhanced monitoring
  • Designs engineered to withstand operating pressures of up to 70mBar
  • Professional installation guidance for Blower, PRV’s, and Sensors
  • Expedited lead times complemented with swift installation, ensuring your (RNG) Renewable Natural Gas Storage is up and running promptly.

Double Membrane Cover Systems

One of our most celebrated innovations is the double membrane cover. These double membrane covers provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring that no gas leaks occur, maintaining optimal gas pressure, and enhancing the system’s overall efficiency. The dual-layer design guarantees durability and longevity, making it a sought-after choice for biogas storage solutions.

State-of-the-Art Double Membrane Roofs

Understanding the unique requirements of biogas projects, we’ve developed the double membrane roof. This biogas roof is not just an architectural marvel but also integrates functionality and design seamlessly. It ensures a tight seal, preventing any gas from escaping, thereby ensuring maximum storage efficiency.

Biogas Foil Cover – A Blend of Efficacy and Design

Our biogas foil cover is a testament to our commitment to providing the best in the industry. Lightweight yet sturdy, this cover is designed to provide optimal protection to the stored biogas, ensuring that external contaminants don’t breach the storage system.

Industrial & Envronmental Concepts offers the highest quality products on the market.

Our service and solutions are second to none.

Unmatched Quality and Excellence

We take immense pride in delivering products and services that are second to none in quality. Our biogas storage vessels and covers are crafted using the most sophisticated membrane formulations and state-of-the-art equipment. Adhering strictly to our rigorous fabrication standards, we confidently claim to offer the finest storage systems in the marketplace. What further sets us apart is the unparalleled service rendered by our dedicated and expertly trained team.

Our Legacy

Founded in 1993, IEC has carved its niche as the premier industry leader in the modular and insulated cover sector, catering to pond, tank, lagoon, and floating covers. Our dedicated team of certified designers, fabricators, and installers work diligently to ensure the delivery of top-notch products and services. With unparalleled quality, flexibility, and durability, our cover and liner systems cater to a vast array of needs. Whether you’re in search of gas collection covers, clarifier covers, insulated covers, floating cover for a pond, tank or lagoon, IEC has a tailor-made solution for every application.

Forefront of Innovation

Our commitment to innovation ensures that our clients always have access to the latest technological advancements. We constantly strive to elevate our offerings, pushing boundaries and setting the highest benchmarks in the industry.