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Birdstrike Bond Cover


Birdstrike refers to the phenomenon where birds collide with man-made structures. IEC Covers offers top-of-the-line birdstrike pond covers, bird control lagoon covers, and bird control reservoir covers that decreases your chance of birdstrike events happening on your pond system

A birdstrike control pond cover is a type of geomembrane device that is installed on top of the pond in order to prevent birds from entering, drinking, and roosting on the pond water. The primary concern with birdstrikes is usually collision with aircraft, more particularly when birds smash onto windscreens or get stuck in aircraft engines. Bodies of water increase the risk of birdstrikes happening as they attract large or flocking birds. When it comes to risk, small bodies of water normally create less of a potential problem compared to bigger ones. Lakes and ponds attract flocks of birds like gulls and waterfowl such as swan or geese and this creates a significant birdstrike risk that needs to be addressed in an effective and safe manner.

How Do We Decrease Your Risk of Birdstrike?

Locate Large Ponds Away from Airfields

About 75% of birdstrike events happen below 500 feet and over 90% occur below 2,300 feet. If possible, create larger ponds as part of a pond complex on the outer boundary of the high-risk zone.

Locate Ponds in Unimproved Grasslands

Birds such as swan or geese require short lush turf to graze like improved grasslands. Low-intensity grasslands that have low nutrient content such as those with little or no fertilizer input usually are avoided. However, even within low-intensity grassland, it is still recommended to use the shelter of scrub or hedgerows in order to establish small complex ponds and still avoid the creation of bigger bodies of water.

Locate Ponds Away from Landfill Sites and Arable Land

These often provide a focal point for large flocks of birds. These can be particularly problematic during dawn and at dusk as the birds move in between feeding areas and roosting water bodies.

Install a Birdstrike Pond Cover

IEC Covers offers premium birdstrike pond covers and birdstrike reservoir covers that can completely prevent the occurrence of birdstrike events on your pond. Full coverage of the pond camouflages it from birds looking to drink, wade or roost on the waters. Read on below to know more about why this measure is the best option among the choices outlined above.

Use of a Birdstrike Pond Cover System

IEC Covers’ premium birdstrike pond cover is the best solution for preventing birdstrikes. Birds and other wildlife species are normally attracted to freshwater ponds including man-made storage ponds. In the past, the use of nets has been able to temporarily prevent birds from getting access to the water. However, netting fails to camouflage the water and in the end, more waterfowl are attracted to it. Also, netting does not block sunlight and therefore weeds and algae also grow thereby making the area more attractive for feeding and roosting. On top of that, netting really does not last that long and is also prone to damage from ice and snow if in a cold climate region. IEC Covers’ bird deterrent pond covers, bird deterrent lagoon covers, and bird deterrent reservoir covers are the perfect solution as it effectively provides the necessary camouflage for the water surface and in effect reduces bird activity in and around your ponds. Industrial and Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) is a world-renowned leader in the design, fabrication and installation of all sorts of cover and liner systems. Since our incorporation back in ’93 we have been able to establish ourselves as an industry leader in the modular and insulated cover market including birdstrike pond cover systems, tank covers, and lagoon and floating covers. Our professional staff of experienced and certified designers, fabricators, and installers can ensure only the highest quality products and services for you. We possess the expertise and commitment needed to successfully complete any size project.

Benefits of Using our Birdstrike Pond Cover

  • Lagoon or pond coverage provided by the birdstrike pond cover reduces algae growth and prevent birds from flocking
  • Liquid loss through evaporation is reduced by as much as 95%
  • Chemical consumption is also reduced
  • Reduction of heating costs by as much as 75%
  • Odors are also contained due to less surface area is exposed resulting in less odor emission
  • The birdstrike pond cover creates a camouflage on your pond basin to deter waterfowl and birds
  • Better working environment for your crew
  • Sunlight penetration is reduced preventing algae growth and clogging due to weeds
  • Ice formation is also reduced
Our birdstrike pond cover system offers a significant advantage over other kinds of cover systems because:
  • It is more affordable and does not easily tear like a typical solid cover
  • Each tile is made using dependable and long-lasting UV resistant and high-quality HDPE
  • Aeration may be installed underneath
  • Our birdstrike pond cover allows movement of equipment through liquid with unlimited and convenient access to the liquid
  • The variation of the liquid level can be adjusted through spreading and stacking
  • It naturally arranges itself and interlocks on the surface of the water
  • Virtually maintenance-free
A birdstrike is a potential problem for any pond and therefore must be addressed in a way that takes into consideration the pond and the safety of the waterfowl and birds. IEC Covers birdstrike lagoon covers,  and birdstrike reservoir covers are the perfect solution that provides not just a deterrent for birds but also offers many useful benefits for the productivity of your pond system. Trust IEC Covers — the world-renowned industry leader in pond and other cover systems.