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Case Study – Flexible Tank Cover

September 2, 2021

The NAWC Septage Treatment Facility located in Warminster, PA was founded by NAWC Environmental, LLC and is now owned operated by Wind River Environmental based out of Marlborough, Mass. Wind River Environmental and NAWC Environmental specialize in transporting and treating a broad array of non-hazardous liquid waste systems, including grease traps, septic tanks, and related waste systems.

THE PROBLEM: The facility has multiple open top tanks which allowed odors to be released to atmosphere, resulting in complaints from neighbors.

THE SOLUTION: Covering the tank enabled NAWC Environmental to capture the odors emitted from the tank, where they could then evacuate the headspace using a blower and send it through a biofilter before being released to the atmosphere.

THE RESULT: IEC’s Flexible Tank Cover has successfully contained the odors in the EQ tank, and neither ownership (NAWC Environmental, nor Wind River Environmental) has had any complaints in nearly four years!

CONCLUSION: IEC’s Flexible Tank Cover has performed as intended to capture odors from the EQ tank at the NAWC Septage Treatment Facility in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Since cover installation, there have IEC Case Study – Warminster, PA – IEC Flexible Tank Coverbeen no complaints from the community.