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Clarifier and Tank Covers

November 27, 2019

clarifier-tank-coversTraditional tank and clarifier covers have been made from reinforced plastic (RFP), aluminum or stainless steel. Unfortunately for most wastewater treatment plants or industrial manufacturers, they are prohibitively expensive.

The need for an affordable cover is in high demand due to the rising cost of traditional raw materials and manufacturing. An alternative cover for metal and concrete tanks is available through Industrial and Environmental Concepts (IEC), based out of Lakeville, Minnesota.

IEC specializes in covers specifically designed for wastewater applications. IEC’s patented cover design utilizes a tensioned flexible membrane, supported by an internal stainless-steel column. Access hatches, sampling ports, lockable doors are just a few options available. The covers are designed with an industrial strength membrane that is flexible and anchored to the metal or concrete side walls with stainless steel hardware.

IEC covers have been successfully used to inhibit algae growth which create problems with total suspended solids (TSS) effluent limits. They also successfully control containing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and problematic mercaptans. IEC covers have also been installed over clarifiers that are within buildings to control condensation and rusting of internal building structures and equipment. Tank covers have been successfully used to keep rainwater out of equalization tanks (EQ), sludge tanks and manure holding tanks and are an effective control in keeping wind-blown debris, dust and leaves out of wastewater basins. Covered tanks can be circular, rectangular or square. Wastewater piping and aeration systems are easily accommodated with the flexibility these covers allow.

The clarifier and tank covers are ultra violet (UV) protected with reinforcing throughout. Covers are designed for a 15-year service life, however, similar designs have been in service for over 20 years throughout Europe. Each tank cover is designed for specific, local environmental conditions. Clarifier and tank covers are also custom designed for snow load, wind and rainwater conditions.

IEC covers are a great solution for municipal, industrial or agricultural wastewater operators that need a long lasting, effective and affordable clarifier or tank cover.

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