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Clarifier Covers

June 4, 2020

ANAEROBIC DIGESTIONIndustrial & Environmental Concepts offers clarifier and tank covers in custom configurations, designed as affordable and durable alternatives to aluminum, steel and fiberglass domes. They can be used on any tank where rainwater, temperature loss or odors need to be managed.

The Flexible Clarifier Covers, offered in gray or green, are used on clarifiers and tanks of all sizes and shades. They are made of industrial-grade, UV-protected geomembrane and have an expected service life of 15 to 20 years with minimal maintenance. Each cover is custom designed for local wind, rain and snow load conditions.

Covered tanks can be circular, rectangular or square. Wastewater piping and aeration systems are easily accommodated with the flexibility these covers allow. A stainless steel tensioning system distributes the load evenly around the tank circumference. If large equipment needs to be installed or removed, the cover typically can be disassembled and removed in half a day.

The covers weigh significantly less than hard domes. Custom designs give operators numerous options, including viewing windows, pipes, venting, sampling ports and scum beach access, along with many possible entrance access designs. The covers are anchored with industrial-rated stainless steel ratchets and stainless steel hardware. Gas-tight and semi gas-tight options are available.

Water management is an essential part of many industries, for which clarifier covers play a crucial role. IEC covers have been successfully used to inhibit algae growth which create problems with total suspended solids (TSS) effluent limits. They also successfully control containing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and problematic mercaptans.

IEC covers are a great solution for municipal, industrial or agricultural wastewater operators that need a long lasting, effective and affordable clarifier or tank cover.