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Clarifier Covers

March 2, 2020

clarifier coverA clarifier cover gets support from an internal column made of stainless steel. This lets it maintain a peaked appearance which prevents debris, dust, snow, and rain from getting into the clarifier. It eliminates airborne solids from getting into the water column, but it also prevents sunlight, and that’s a crucial ingredient for the growth of algae.

Eliminating algae, leaves, and dust are crucial to keeping TSS effluent limits per NPDES permit requirements. The cover is made using reinforced PVC along with industrial-rated polyester fabric. The cover also gets more protection thanks to UV inhibitors. It’s also designed to handle weather conditions, wastewater gasses, and extreme moisture. This cover uses a distinct and very efficient tensioning system which is able to transfer forces from its central cone in a downward direction, which distributes tensions across the circumference of the tank. It’s this system that means it’s possible to adjust tension quickly or even remove the cover at a future date if so desired. The cover was designed to put up with local rain, wind, and UV conditions. The cover’s underside includes a condensate barrier which guides moisture back down to the tank. A clarifier cover proves to be a resourceful solution in regards to conventional launder and clarifier covers.