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Containment Liners


IEC Covers is a premier fabricator, supplier and installer of world-class quality containment liners. Our experience spans over two decades providing expert advice in helping different industries get solutions for their containment needs. Containment liners are an essential part of many industrial applications such as oil, gas, chemicals and other hazardous wastes.
At IEC Covers we use a variety of different materials in order to ensure that the liquids that require containment stay contained. High density polyethylene, reinforced polyethylene, RPP and XR-5 are just some examples of materials we use for different applications. These materials have their own unique properties that differ in strength, longevity, price range and liquids they can contain. Trust IEC Covers to provide you with the best containment liners for use in your industry. Get in touch with us. We’re very happy to help you.
Containment liners can be subdivided into two separate categories based on the application. Whether it is for primary containment where the liner acts as the first line of defense or for secondary containment where the liner is used as a guarantee of containment in the event that the primary one fails. Whatever type of containment you need, IEC Covers is here ready to provide you with a helping hand.
When it comes to containment liners, do not rely on inferior materials and workmanship that may result in disastrous results. At IEC Covers we have developed state-of-the-art technology to design, fabricate and install containment liners that meet our customers’ very unique and specific project requirements. Because of our industry-leading products, excellent fabrication capabilities and many years of installation experience, our containment liners have exceeded customer expectations time and again. We have many years of experience delivering turnkey liner solutions for all our clients.

Our Top Quality Containment Liners Have Been Used For:

  • Hazardous wastewater containment
  • Tanks and lagoons
  • Secondary containment
  • Potable water reservoirs
  • Fertilizer and pesticide storage
  • Storm water collection purposes
  • Landfills
  • Aquaculture
As an industry leader providing high quality geosynthetic containment liners, our products are in high demand not just in the U.S. but also around the world. We are committed to providing innovative materials and products that offer practical solutions that can enhance ecological safety. While geosynthetic containment liners are not new, having seen action for several decades, our containment liners continue to offer the quality of performance necessary to ensure successful and safe containment of hazardous waste materials while also safeguarding precious water sources from possible contamination. These and other factors have made our geosynthetic liners play a more integral role in ensuring that the environment is safeguarded for future generations. IEC Covers, as a result, is in a good position to supply the lining requirements of clients that require eco-friendly materials to handle an otherwise hazardous situation.

As a leading supplier of top quality containment liners in the country, IEC Covers prides itself in its unique ability to offer professional installation and supply services for many industries and applications. Containment liners are in essence hydraulic barriers that comprise of synthetic materials that create impermeable membranes for complete fluid containment. Technical in nature, our expert team of qualified technicians are highly trained in many lining installation techniques. Our fully certified staff here at IEC Covers can provide clients with a wide range of containment liner options that can meet their specific requirements.

At IEC Covers we know for a fact that different applications for containment liners require different materials to suit their containment needs. Below are some of the materials we offer:

HDPE – High density polyethylene containment liners offer strong and puncture resistance properties. It also offers good chemical resistance as well. This material is very popular due to its flexibility and is perfect for applications such as containment in landfills and similar areas. Its flexibility makes it the ideal choice for a broad range of containment related applications.

LLDP –Linear low density polyethylene liners offer excellent puncture, chemical and UV resistance damage. It is best used for applications that feature installation over a rough terrain and its ability to stretch when stress is applied make it one very versatile liner.

FPP – Flexible polypropylene liners are considered premium grade geomembrane containment liners and offer greater flexibility and overall resistance as a whole. Though much costlier than other liners, the costs are offset by the ease by which they can be installed and repaired, most especially for long term maintenance.

XR-5 – One of the best liners available, the XR-5 has been used for the applications that require the strongest geomembrane liner for use in the most extreme and harsh conditions. Backed by over 60 years of coated fabric tech, the XR-5 geomembrane offers the highest strength and chemical resistant properties in the market. It is designed to withstand strong acids, alkalis, methane and oil.

Our Containment Liners Can Be Applied As:

Landfill Basal Liners

By its very nature, landfills present a very potentially hazardous problem. From an environmental standpoint, our geomembrane containment liners can provide the perfect first line of defense for safeguarding surrounding ecosystems. The main concern when it comes to landfills is the possibility of contaminants like toxic chemicals, polluting precious underground potable water sources. Our containment liners can provide an impermeable barrier that can offer protection for both solid and liquid leakage from these landfills. As a matter of fact, our geosynthetic materials are also environmentally safe too.

Farm Slurry Lagoon Liners

The current nitrate pollution guidelines are a major concern for most farmers. The regulations and general environmental issues require a viable solution that is practically achievable with the use of containment liners. IEC Covers is serious in this endeavor to help supply and provide technical expertise to install the necessary containment systems that are designed to provide the needed slurry storage for farmers. Moreover, our geomembrane containment liners are very well-suited to manage the containment of farm-related waste materials like manure and other agriculture-related by products.

Pond Liners

The depletion of water in ponds can cause issues to the surrounding areas where the water sources are located. Our geomembrane containment liners are the perfect solution to prevent this problem. More particularly of note is our HDPE containment liners that offer the robustness needed to withstand the extreme weather and temperature variations as well as having the versatility needed to adapt to specific client requirements.

Reservoir Liners

Reservoirs are always an essential component of communities. Water depletion is a big concern that needs to be addressed in a cost effective manner. Much in the same vein as ponds and lakes but in a much bigger scale, IEC Covers containment liners are the perfect solution to minimize water loss in reservoirs. Due to the size, scale and amount of ultraviolet and weather exposure, reservoirs do present a special challenge. IEC Covers’ HDPE liners are the ideal choice for use in this application owing to its innate durability and ability to fulfill project requirements.

Anaerobic Digester Containment Liners

It does not matter if tanks are new or simply refurbished, anaerobic tank leakage can be prevented with the use of the correct containment liners. Our anaerobic digester liners can offer the additional layer of protection needed to ensure safe use and operation of the tank. The use of our proprietary liner systems are in line with current environmental regulations. We recommend our HDPE and LLDPE containment liners for this application.
When it comes to containment liners, trust only IEC Covers, the authority you can trust for all your primary and secondary containment needs.