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Covering lagoon stops odor complaints

December 25, 2017


Covering lagoon stops odor complaints.

Problem: United Liquid Waste Recycling of Watertown, Wisconsin, recycles food and beverage waste into valuable byproducts such as fertilizer. Odors from the anaerobic treatment process needed to be stopped to enable the company to expand. Two lagoon anaerobic digesters needed an affordable odor control system, which had to function whether the lagoons were full or empty.

Solution: The owners selected Industrial and Environmental Concepts to cover the two 3.5-million-gallon lagoons. The 57,600- square-foot membrane covers collect the biogas and channel it to a draw-off location where it can be effectively controlled. The covers function at any water depth.

Result: The cover system has operated for three years with no problems, allowing the company to grow and expand into Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Indiana. 952/829-0731; www.ieccovers.com.

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