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Evaporation Pond Liners


The process of evaporation is used in a number of operations. In mining it is used to separate precious materials from water or brines. Diverse salts for instance may also be extracted through the process of evaporation. Also, lithium-rich brines may be concentrated via evaporation. All of these materials, when harvested from ponds may then be refined into specific items that are used for a wide variety of applications in many industries ranging from food, agriculture, and mining just to name a few. For areas where remediation or isolation of a contaminant is the main objective, the process of evaporation in an engineered pond or reservoir may also be a very effective solution especially in the case of contaminated sediments. The evaporation process also generally requires a significant scale in order to be more efficient and cost-effective.

We Design and Fabricate

IEC Covers can design and fabricate superior evaporation pond liners and evaporation reservoir liners for long-term containment projects in both reinforced and unsupported liner variants in order to meet the specific performance guidelines for an overall system approach you are looking for. Large pre-fabricated evaporation pond liners can significantly reduce liner installation time through optimization of coverage and reduction of on-site seaming. Our evaporation pond and reservoir liners can provide the worthy solution you need in order to minimize or prevent the loss of precious materials via seepage. Our evaporation reservoir and pond liners also offer strong environmental protection through the prevention of odors. The potentially aggressive nature of the materials being mined through evaporation requires good environmental care, most especially with the concentrated masses that the process of evaporation harvests.

Also, in a lot of situations, solutions are delivered into the engineered pond or reservoir for numerous cycles until such time that the pond has been filled to the brim with materials in order to justify the costs of collecting them. As such, the system will be exposed to both the material of interest as well as challenging environmental conditions for a long period of time, possibly years in fact.

IEC Covers can provide excellent quality evaporation pond liners with proven long-term performance qualities and durability needed for such an evaporation pond lining setup. Our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) evaporation pond liners offer superior stress, crack, chemical and ultraviolet light resistance. Their proven durability especially in difficult installation conditions makes them the most ideal lining material for many industries such as mining as well as evaporation ponds. IEC Covers’ evaporation pond liners are perfect for both exposed and buried containment designs and works exceptionally well with a wide variety of fluids used in different commercial and industrial retention ponds.

The Ideal Choice for Your Projects

Evaporation retention ponds are very important for a number of different industries such as agriculture and mining. However, establishing evaporation ponds and reservoirs is expensive, not to mention land intensive as well. In addition, they need to comply with local requirements such as high ambient temperatures with low annual precipitation as well. Establishing scalable, economically viable evaporation ponds is an important topic in many industrial/commercial pond designs. The most popular approach for achieving better efficiency in this regard is increasing the surface area of the pond while lowering the depth in order to achieve better rates of evaporation. However, this approach also increases the material and land requirements.

There have been a number of alternative methods of evaporation that have been considered in the last ten years but none have been able to surpass the evaporation pond in terms of simplicity and overall better efficiency. The good news is we have evaporation pond liners that can be used on the conventional pond system that succeeds in replacing clay with a hydrophobic plastic liner made out of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PE). Our liners prevent leaks and thus can improve pond safety factors by minimizing the chances for leachate to escape and possibly seep into the adjacent environment. This is a major concern for ponds that hold mining brine or agricultural wastewater.

Achieve Better Overall Pond Efficiency

The use of evaporation ponds is considered to be one of the most cost-effective means of separating waste or desirable materials from a body of water. An important factor that drives evaporation rates is the exposure of the pond water surface to as much solar radiation as needed via direct sunlight. However, not all climates are ideal for this method, an approach that favors dry, hot climates with low annual rainfall. Even in areas where the weather is ideal, evaporation ponds will need evaporation pond liners. In a lot of cases, the concentrated byproducts present in the water being held in the retention ponds are harmful if they are introduced to the surrounding environment. It is for this reason that you need evaporation pond liners that can provide not just protection but increase the overall efficiency of your pond system.

Advantages over Clay

Evaporation pond liners made from polyethylene offer many benefits. For instance, it is less permeable to water compared to clay. Natural clay features a hydraulic conductivity or permeability of around 1 × 10−9 m/s. In contrast, the equivalent diffusion permeability of typical evaporation pond liners ranges from 1 × 10−11 m/s to 1 × 10−14 cm/s. This means that evaporation pond liners or geomembranes are more impermeable when compared to a compacted clay liner. Secondly, evaporation pond liners are also lighter, less expensive to transport and install. As a matter of fact, you can easily cut installation costs by as much as 50% when you use a geomembrane liner rather than clay. Third, compacted clay liners are prone to desiccation and cracking and require rehydration and recompaction in order to maintain structural soundness.

IEC Covers’ evaporation pond liners and evaporation reservoir liners offer better levels of safety than other products or materials such as clay. Our products have a proven track record of performance that only gets better. Our HDPE or high-density polyethylene evaporation pond liners are designed to be the primary top layer of the lined ponds so as to safeguard the groundwater and to enhance the evaporation of the production water within the ponds.

Exceptional Features include:

  • Heavy-duty high strength scrim reinforcement grid
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent UV light resistance
  • Textured non-slip surface

As a leading pond liner manufacturer, IEC Covers can help fabricate the highest quality evaporation pond liners as well as, HDPE pond liners, a Bentonite clay pond linercontainment liners, and more! Call us today for a quote!