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IEC’s Floating Covers are customized for each client’s lagoon or tank size and shape.

IEC’s Floating Covers are customized to your specific reservoir, pond, or tank (size and shape).

Our patented design includes a series of lateral floats that provide pathways for gas to flow beneath the floating cover, to the perimeter collection pipe, and on to a single collection point. The lateral floats keep the entire cover floating on the waters’ surface, thus eliminating cover inflation and exposure to wind damage.

Floating covers that inflate (without lateral floats) expose the geomembrane cover to vibration and fatigue from wind, which significantly reduce the life span of the cover.

Ballast weights placed on top of the floating cover, channel rainwater and snow melt to sumps, which remove all rainwater from the surface of the floating cover.

Floating Cover Applications:

  • Any type of gas collection from water basin
  • Keep rain & snowmelt water separate from wastewater under the cover

Floating Cover Advantages

  • Keeps the cover on the water surface avoiding damage from wind
  • Accommodates fluctuation in water level
  • Can be installed without interruption in basin use
  • Installed on tanks, reservoirs or ponds
  • Eliminates rainwater pooling problems
  • Eliminates inflating the cover and gas ballooning
  • Provides access to in-basin equipment
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