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Floating Covers Reduce TSS, Improve Chlorine Disinfection

December 25, 2017

By Dave Anderson

Floating Covers Reduce TSS, Improve Chlorine Disinfection

Problem: Algae and ultraviolet (UV) rays were adversely affecting chlorination in an upstate New York reservoir and Southern Florida WWTF. Algae was shielding embedded bacteria from chlorine, making the bacteriacide ineffective, thus requiring the chlorine dosage to be increased.

Algae increased the chlorine demand along with exposure to UV which dissipates un-stabilized chlorine. Both algae and UV make disinfection more expensive. Calibrating the proper chlorine dosage was challenging due to those variables changing frequently.

Solution: Both facilities upgraded their facility by installing floating covers manufactured by Industrial and Environmental Concepts (IEC). New York installed a floating cover on their pond and Florida installed a cover on their chlorine contact chamber.
Result: Covering the water surface eliminated penetrating UV & sunlight from entering the water column. Algae disappeared and chlorine demand decreased and residual stabilized. Dosing expenses went down and disinfection improved with process predictability. (952)-829-0731 www.ieccovers.com

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