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Pond and Lagoon Floating Covers

At IEC, our experienced engineers are committed to designing the perfect cover solution for your pond or lagoon.   Whether you’re looking for a traditional pond & lagoon floating cover or for an alternative cover design, we can customize a cover solution that’s right for you.
polyethylene pond liner installed

Pond and Lagoon Floating Covers

IEC’s Covers are custom fabricated to fit the geometry of your pond, lagoon or tank. We download the basin dimensions into our software program to enable us to make the cover an exact fit.

Pond and Lagoon Floating Covers

Regardless of your industry or application, IEC’s floating pond and lagoon covers can work for you.

Advantages of Pond and Lagoon Covers

IEC’s pond and lagoon covers have a number of benefits, including:
  • Keeping the cover on the water surface avoiding damage from wind
  • Accommodating fluctuation in water level
  • Installation without interruption to facility operation
  • Providing access to in-basin equipment
  • Retains heat, which improved biological activity and treatment capability
  • Manages odors
  • Reduces/eliminates algae growth
  • Promotes TSS settling
  • Promotes nitrification

Modular Floating Covers

IEC’s patented Modular Cover System for ponds, tanks and lagoons is comprised of a series of individual casings, which are connected together to form a complete, floating cover system. Each individual cover panel is comprised of a proprietary insulation that is encapsulated between 2 sheets of durable geomembrane. The result is a unique floating cover system that provides insulation values ranging from R-2 to R-30; and is engineered and manufactured to specific dimensions of your basin.

Advantages of Modular Pond and Lagoon Covers

The Modular Cover System offers the following advantages over conventional covers systems. These covers are:
  • Designed by engineers with over 25 years of continuous cover design experience
  • Maintenance free
  • Able to be installed on tanks or lagoons
  • Adept to varying water levels
  • Made up of removable, individual casings
  • Installed without site interruption
  • Installed in shorter time without heavy equipment
  • Can be designed with open or closeable hatches for aeration and mixing equipment access.

Gallery of Pond and Lagoon Covers