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Gas Holders

The Biogas Experts


Our vessels can be free-standing or installed in tanks, containers or buildings. The biogas storage systems are suitable for refined biogas, pure CO2 and natural gas. Providing static analysis is standard with every project. Our biogas storage vessels can store a wide range of volumes to meet your needs.

Multiple Designs Available

Free-Standing Biogas Storage A free-standing biogas storage system can be designed and mounted on a concrete foundation. It can be provided in either three-quarter or spherical form. Continuously operated blowers ensure the required operating pressure is maintained.

Advantages & Options

  • Wide range of storage capacity
  • Volume & Pressure Sensors
  • Operating Pressure Designs up to 70mBar
  • Installation supervision available for Blower, PRV’s & Sensors
  • Short Lead Times & Installation

Easy Access Service Box

The innovative design of the service box enables all connections to be above ground and easy to service. The blower, control unit and sensors are easily accessible during operation. The service box is constructed from 316 stainless steel, providing long-term service and trouble-free operation.

High Quality ISO Certified Materials

The production method is ISO-certified and carried out by experienced technicians, so every component is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Our biogas storage vessels are produced from the highest quality materials and chemically-resistant membranes in the industry. The welded seams are made with high-frequency or thermal technology, depending on the membrane type.

Partially Buried (semi-submerged)

This is a great solution when site requirements impose a height restriction.


Small volume biogas storage vessels are available, offering a cost-effective option for smaller output facilities. The cylinder can be easily anchored in the ground, with variable diameter and lengths available.
A blower is provided for this design which controls the pressure on the inner and outer walls of both membrane cylinders.


We pride ourselves knowing we provide the highest quality products and services available on the market. Our biogas storage vessels and covers are constructed from the most advanced membrane formulations and equipment available. Our fabrication protocols guarantee we offer the highest quality storage systems on the market with unequaled service from our highly specialized employees.