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IEC Covers is a finalist of the 2018 Minnesota Family Business Award

November 2, 2018

Five stories of entrepreneurial success—family style.

The winners and finalists of the 2018 Minnesota Family Business Awards are a diverse group, representing an array of industries, from retail to manufacturing. Some have the third or fourth generations at the helm, while others are still led by their founders. Despite their range, all of these companies have learned to adapt to change to keep their businesses relevant and growing. They’ve also learned when to take risks and which opportunities are worth pursuing.

Maintaining their family businesses has been an expression of caring for the next generation. But it’s how this is accomplished that makes these companies so special—not only to the families who work there, but also to the employees, customers, and communities that have come to trust and appreciate them over the years. Family-led or not, businesses of all kinds can learn from the ways these family companies provide for their employees, give back to their communities, and confront challenges and changes.

2018 Minnesota Family Business Awards