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Expert Cover Installation & Field Services

The difference between a good installation company and great installation company is the people.  At IEC, we employ only the best personnel and install only the highest quality membrane available using state-of-the-art testing and welding equipment.

Our installation crews are certified and experienced. These highly trained experts can both install and repair covers and liners in all types of basins, anywhere in the world.

When you work with IEC, you can expect:  
  • Turnkey Cover Installation Services: With IEC, you can be sure that your project will be installed correctly and on time. IEC field crews are equipped with a fleet of trucks, trailers and equipment to meet any need. Most cover and liner systems are completed in one to four weeks (without changes in infrastructure) You can also choose our “Supervisor Only” option, which allows you to use your own crew while benefiting from the expertise of our membrane technician. Customers made this our most popular installation service option!
  • Expertly designed and manufactured covers and liners: Learn more about our commitment to designing and producing the highest quality covers and liners here.
  • Post-Sale Cover and Liner Services & Repairs: Our full-time technicians can be called upon year round if an unexpected repair is needed. If a service call is needed, these experts can be deployed immediately, giving you fast, reliable service for field welding or repair.

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Choose the Worldwide Leader in Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Geomembrane Covers and Liners

IEC is proud to be America’s trusted cover designer and installer since 1994. Clients across multiple industries and four continents rely upon our innovative, custom cover designs, and you can too! Learn more about IEC here.

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