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Installing Insulated Covers to Reduce Heat Loss & Improve Wastewater Performance

October 19, 2020

Wastewater ponds and tanks can lose a vast amount of heat through the surface that can adversely affect wastewater performance.  Heat is primarily lost through wind and wave action to air temperature.   Installing an insulated cover addresses these significant heat-loss factors.  IEC’s cover reduces heat loss by effectively covering the water surface, thus eliminating the air to water interface.  Secondly, wave action is eliminated in to further retain heat.  It’s beneficial to cover entire water surfaces in latitudes where cold winter temperatures inhibit autotrophic bacteria that is essential for nitrification and heterotrophic bacteria that are responsible for BOD removal.

Pond systems that lose significant heat can adversely impact biological activity, resulting in reduced  WWTF’s performance and effluent quality.  Autotrophic bacteria are affected first, followed by heterotrophic populations.

IEC’s cover system reduces heat loss which creates an environment that is more conducive to stable, year-round bacterial populations. The benefit to retaining water temperature is minimizing bacterial fluctuations.  A stable bacterial population typically results in an effluent that is more consistent and predictable in addition to improving overall process treatment performance.  Insulated covers from IEC have proven effective in retaining wastewater temperature year-round and improving wastewater performance.