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Landfill Covers


Traditionally, landfills have been covered with six inches of compressed soil each day. The soil covering acts as a seal to the compacted trash and prevents rodents such as rats, mice and other animals such as birds and flying insects from getting into the landfill. The problem is soil takes up a lot of space. The fact that space is such a precious commodity in many landfills, a lot of them have opted to use a landfill cover. The covers are quite effective at covering up trash and at the same time takes up less than half an inch of space. IEC Covers offers landfill cover products that can effectively cover the landfill completely and save precious space too. Our landfill cover can save over 5 inches of space per layer. That is an amazing solution for your landfill problems.

Permanent and Temporary Landfill Covers

We can offer you both permanent and temporary landfill cover products to suit your applications. Permanent landfill covers are used mainly when a landfill’s cell is closed while temporary covers and caps may be used to minimize infiltration of liquids into the waste in order to minimize the generation of leachate. Leachate refers to the name of the liquid that drains from the landfill. While it varies in its composition, leachate typically contains both suspended and dissolved materials. On occasion, the leachate may seep through the weak areas of the landfill’s covering and the leak out onto the surface. The substance looks bubbly and dark but will stain the ground red later. Leachate seepages can be corrected through excavation of the surrounding area of the seepage and filling it with compacted soil that will serve to divert the leachate flow back to the landfill itself. It is important however, to select the right landfill cover from the beginning in order to markedly reduce the probability of accidents like leachate seepage from ever occurring on your landfill. IEC Covers is one of the industry’s leading authorities of landfill cover systems who can provide excellent protection from not only pests and precipitation but more importantly from leachate as well.

The Best Landfill Cover Material

IEC Covers offers the best available landfill cover material that can provide the best protection from liquid infiltration of your landfills. We offer top quality geosynthetic materials. These are synthetic, polymeric products used mostly to stabilize terrain. The polymeric nature of the product makes geosynthetics the most ideal material to use for projects where high levels of durability are not only required but expected. Our geosynthetic cover products are quite popular for many exposed applications and are most often used in geoenvironmental projects. It has seen action as landfill liners, landfill cover, erosion control, reservoirs, embankments plus many more.

IEC Covers Geosynthetic Landfill Cover Benefits:

  • Effective odor control
  • Ultraviolet Resistance
  • More cost effective than low-permeability soil
  • Markedly reduces long-term leachate generation
  • Reinforced product that can be reused
  • Excellent weathering protection for landfills
  • Extremely durable against tears and punctures
  • Safeguards prepared landfill cells prior to their commission
IEC Covers can design, fabricate and install your very own landfill cover. Our product can provide a safe and effective means of protecting your landfills. Our proprietary technology can maximize protection from the elements and can ensure the integrity of the landfill and the surrounding environment from contamination. Our landfill cover can benefit not just your business but also the environment and the residents living nearby.

Keeps the Landfill Safe from Fires

Many times in the past, fires have been known to be a significant issue in landfills in the country. This is especially true during the hot summer months as strong winds; droughts allow fires to rapidly spread through the landfill. Typically, a fire requires three main ingredients in order to keep burning and these are: heat, fuel and oxygen. If any of those key ingredients are not readily accessible the fire will quickly die. IEC Cover’s landfill cover systems can ensure that any trash or waste that might encourage a fire to rage and burn will not have access to other key ingredients such as air or heat to keep it going. This in effect keeps the fire effectively controlled around the landfill.

Effective Odor Control

Probably the biggest issue around landfills is its propensity to generate very powerful and extremely toxic odors. This problem is most often experienced when the location of the landfill is in close proximity to a community such as a town, city, village or residential section. When local citizens file complaints, the property values in the area go down as the odors only create a negative view of living in the area. It is a good thing that IEC Covers’ landfill covers systems can safely and completely suppress even the foulest odors emanating from your landfills. At the end of each day you can rest assured that all the trash and waste that has been collected in the landfill will be completely covered. Our landfill cover products can suppress the most potent odors and can help improve your reputation in the community as well as promote a cleaner and healthier environment for both people and animals.

Keeps Pests Away

One thing about landfills is that birds love to circle the skies around them in the hopes of finding something they can eat. Vultures, owls and other bird species can disrupt the landfill operation as they frequently swoop in and out of the waste. In a lot of cases, the birds scatter the trash around the area creating a huge mess in the process. The addition of bird waste too can increase the mess and the unsanitary condition therein. It is also worthy to remember that it is not only birds that are the problem here. Other animals such as critters of all shapes and sizes from coyotes, rats and others are instantly drawn to the smell of the landfill and will begin digging. Rats carry with them many diseases and larger scavengers such as coyotes can pose a safety risk for people working in the landfill as well as residents in the area. In order to effectively treat this problem the landfill needs to be covered at all times with a durable, solid and puncture resistant landfill cover. Since the cover also suppresses odors, the birds and other scavengers will no longer be enticed to explore. Not only that, but the landfill cover can help discourage unwanted visitors from visiting the landfill looking to find something they can eat at your site. When it comes to landfill covers, IEC Covers offers you the best products available in the market today. Let us help secure your landfill with our geomembrane landfill covers. Call us today. We’re very excited to hear from you.