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Launder Covers For Algae Control

November 1, 2019

Launder CoverWhen treating municipal sewage or industrial wastewater, it is common for algae to be produced. Most operators need to control algae because uncontrolled planktonic and filamentous can adversely affect effluent quality. Most operators need an effective method for treating algae to insure the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) meets NPDES effluent levels. The affordable launder cover blocks penetrating sunlight that enable algae to grow.

Nearly 100% of algae can be prevented because the covers effectively cover the launder troughs and effluent weirs. The launder covers can be used on most type of clarifiers used at a sewage treatment plants. Being able to control algae is a major problem that sewage treatment plants have to deal with, and membrane clarifier covers are great solution to this problem. The effluent trough, effluent box, and weir are susceptible to algae growth which creates an increase in O&M for the operator which normally has to manually brush or rely upon expensive automated brushes to remove the plant material off the wall surfaces.

Prevention comes in the form of the launder cover, as it keeps most of the sunlight from accessing the clarifiers effluent channel. These covers also perform double duty by covering the weir plates and also reducing odor transmission. The covers are made from a combination of industrial membrane, stainless steel and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Keeping algae growth under control is something that all modern treatment plants have to deal with, whether they’re working with waste or water. Weirs, especially those with a v-notch, can become obstructed and the clarifiers will begin to have problems related to hydraulic dynamics. Treatment plants that use ultraviolet light to disinfect can also be affected by the growth of algae, as it can move through the plant after being dislodged. The algae will eventually find its way to the plant’s UV bulbs and cover them, making them useless and increasing the chances that they will fail.

Algae growth can be prevented, and debris and weather can be blocked with the use of IEC Covers Launder Covers. These covers allow plants to have better operations while keeping algae growth to a minimum. The design of the IEC Covers Launder Covers conform to the shape of a tank or clarifier while maintaining structural integrity against snow, rain and wind. From the tank wall to the effluent weir, the cover extends over it all.

The covers, can retrofit rectangular and round tanks and with the following features:
• Effective algae control
• Comes with a 20-year membrane warranty
• Easy for operators to use
• Stainless steel hardware
• Made specifically for use with wastewater treatment

The cover forms a structure when installed that will not require a lot of maintenance, while being passive and still able to keep algae from growing out of control.

The covers can also keep windblown debris such as dust, leaves, and other materials that are commonly found in clarifier launder channels. Controlling odors in the launder trough is also an added benefit.

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