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Learning More About Heat Retention With Insulated Modular Covers

January 13, 2020

insulated modular coversIndustrial and Environmental Concepts (IEC) offers insulated modular covers to secure you from cold temperatures and process heat loss. Mostly, thermal protection acts as a complement to alternative cover functions like biogas collection. With our professional and qualified team, you can customize your solution depending on your specific heat retention requirements. The team will carry out heat loss calculations to identify the most suitable thickness of every cover solution.

How Do Insulation Covers Work?

Insulated modular covers are one of the IEC cover types that provide thermal protection. These insulated modular covers retain heat within the system whenever the ambient temperature drops below the original liquid temperature.

When it comes to a wastewater treatment system, the retained heat helps in reducing the shock of effluents when used in a lagoon and the biodegradation of waste materials. Since the activity of the bacteria is directly proportional to the temperature of the water, this directly impacts the overall efficiency of the wastewater sewage plant.

Once you have a very effective insulation modular cover, you can restrict heat loss and significantly reduce heating cost. With the IEC insulated modular cover, you can use it for shielding effluent lagoons from sunlight, wastewater, and even prevent algae blooms. What’s more, it will reduce odors by minimizing evaporation of volatile compounds from open tanks and lagoons. Other applications of these modular covers include:

– Drain snowmelt and rainwater automatically
– Withstand water level fluctuations
– Resist UV rays, chemicals, breaks, and cracks

Built with durable polyethene materials, IEC’s modular covers tend to be buoyant and flexible, enabling employees to walk on the cover safely. Due to the modular design, you can remove and replace the panels for maintenance, cleaning, and draining. Snowmelt and rainwater drain through the cover’s seams. Modular covers are most suitable for both non-aerated and aerated systems. Air or off-gases from aerated systems vent via the seams when it comes to the standard configuration. Typically, they come with conversion kits to enable for off-gas collection, as well as treatment.

Added Benefits of Installing a Modular Cover

Apart from reducing heat loss, covering a lagoon has numerous added advantages. These include:

– Reduced chemical consumption
– Reduced liquid loss via evaporation
– Odor containment. There is less odor emission with a less exposed surface area
– Reduction in heating costs
– Improved working environments
– Bird and animal deterrent
– Reduction in ice formation
– Reduction in sunlight penetration, precluding algae growth and clogging weeds

With over 25 years of experience, we understand that there are varying requirements for every individual lagoon. We also recognize that the application of the lagoon varies from one place to another. We design our modular covers with the principles of practicality and simplicity to ensure the effective application of the lagoon.

The system comprises a series of modules that are interconnected to create an extensive covered area. You can either install the modules onto an empty lagoon or interconnect and ‘float’ them into place on an existing filled lagoon. The system integrates a network of anchors that enable the cover to either rise or fall depending on the lagoon levels while resisting wind uplift forces.

Advantages of Modular Covers Over Solid Covers

– Every module is made of high-quality, UV resistant, long-lasting HDPE
– Less expensive than traditional covers
– Adjusts to variations of liquid level
– Easy and unlimited access to equipment
– Virtually maintenance-free
– Unaffected by rainwater

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