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Stairway System

We’re proud to offer the new, patented Quick-Stairs! This adaptable and adjustable stairway system makes walking on lined slopes both safe and simple!

Quick-Stairs Features

  • Durable : Quick-Stairs are versatile and dependable, constructed using high-quality galvanized steel and available with coating options for harsh environments. Quick-Stairs can be placed directly on top of IEC’s high-quality geomembrane liners without puncturing them.
  • Safe : Quick-Stairs significantly reduces slip and fall hazards on your site by eliminating foot traffic on slippery liner surfaces. Non-slip treads make using the Quick-Stairs safe and easy.
  • Adaptable : Quick-Stairs is customizable to any slope and length. Each step is individually adjustable (0-50°), so the system can be adapted to any slope angle.
  • Cost-Effective Quick-Stairs is affordable! It can replace multiple catwalk crossovers and portable access stairs over its lifetime, making the Quick-Stairs stairway system a long-lasting, low-cost solution.
  • Easy to Install : The Quick-Stairs stairway system is easy to install with basic hand tools. Get set up quickly with Quick-Stairs—and get back to work in record time!

Applications for Quick-Stairs Stairway Systems

  • Construction Safety Stairs
  • Trench Safety Stairs
Quick-Stairs are available in custom lengths and can be used before, during, or after any liner installation. Contact us today to learn more!