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Popularly known as biomethane, renewable natural gas (RNG) is a natural gas that is produced through the decomposition of organic matter under oxygen-free or anaerobic conditions. The produced gas is captured and purified in order to remove components like water, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. The main sources of renewable natural gas include landfills, animal manure and solid-waste that is extracted during wastewater treatment. It is called “renewable” because the gas is sourced from waste that is continuously produced by present-day activities. These sources of waste create methane as they decompose and renewable natural gas is collected for use rather than simply escaping into the atmosphere.

Anaerobic Renewable Gas Cover for Biogas Collection

  • In an effluent anaerobic setup, the use of an RNG gas cover is needed along with an oxidation and settling pond. An anaerobic system with IEC Covers renewable natural gas cover can provide you with lots of benefits such as: Smaller land surface area is needed (about half of that of an aerobic system)
  • Required retention time is also reduced drastically
  • Since the anaerobic system features an RNG gas cover, most odor issues are managed or do not exist
  • IEC Covers unique renewable natural gas cover can collect methane more efficiently offering a good return of investment
  • Generated power can be used or sold dependent on your needs
  • The renewable natural gas cover system pays for itself and adds to your profitability
Anaerobic systems integrate the use of a flexible renewable natural gas cover in order to collect methane gas. Methane gas is collected and funneled from around the perimeter through a piping system and is then processed in either flaring or co-generation. There are specially designed weights and floats that are attached to the RNG gas cover, which cause the horizontal planes or plates of the renewable natural gas cover to have tension in two directions. The tension serves to remove slack in the cover thereby offering the needed stability across the surface as well as clear drainage. Aside from providing tension, the weights and floats also determine the location and size of the rainwater sumps. Located at the bottom of the sumps are automatic submersible pumps that are used to discharge rainwater from the renewable natural gas cover to wastewater outside of the lagoon basin.

Due to its unique and innovative design, IEC Covers RNG gas cover system also provides the additional advantage of being able to operate and accommodate any fluctuation in the level of the lagoon. The renewable natural gas cover can also operate in a short-term storage facility for any gas that is produced but immediately cannot be processed yet. Floatation and gas passages are made using closed cell polyethylene foam covered in polypropylene and connected to the underside of the RNG gas cover. It is then anchored to the top perimeter gas collection pipe.

Rely on IEC Covers renewable natural gas cover for all your anaerobic gas production needs. At IEC Covers our almost three decades worth of experience has established us as the leader in the industry. No project big or small is too sophisticated for us to complete. We are known the world over as experts in the design, fabrication, and installation of cover and liner systems. The versatility and reliability of our modular designs have enabled us to cover virtually any circular or square tank. We offer renewable natural gas cover products for gas-tight and semi-sealed applications. These are available in both insulated and non-insulated varieties.

Our innovative RNG gas cover can provide a multitude of solutions for issues such as odor control, heat retention, gas collection and storage, evaporation mitigation, algae control, animal control plus many more.

For waste-to-energy projects, the collected biogas may be used as a renewable fuel to generate processed heat or electricity, thereby assisting in offsetting electricity costs. Our renewable natural gas cover is very safe to walk on, letting your staff sample tank or lagoon contents while also performing routine maintenance procedures.

Unique Advantages of Our RNG Gas Cover

  • Designed to withstand tough weather conditions and operate in any climate
  • Provide consistent temperatures throughout the anaerobic digestion process
  • Offers integrated systems for drainage of rainwater and snowmelt
  • Designed and fabricated using only the strongest and dependable materials that offer excellent resistance to punctures, tears, chemicals and ultraviolet light
  • Installation and maintenance may be done without disruption of plant operation
At IEC Covers you can expect renewable natural gas cover products that are not simply innovative but are also designed to last. We offer very affordable and high quality products that provide maximum benefits. Call us today.