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Agricultural Tank Covers

IEC Covers: Ensuring Robust Protection for Tanks and Silo Roofs

IEC’s Flexible Tank & Silo Roof Covers:

Welcome to the future of tank and silo roof covering solutions with IEC’s Flexible Tank Cover. Designed to cater to both engineers and operators, this cover presents an outstanding long-term resolution without burning a hole in your pocket. With its adaptability, it can snugly fit tanks and silo roofs of diverse dimensions. Made from superior industrial-grade, UV-protected geomembrane, our covers promise a service life ranging from 15 to 20 years. Customers have the luxury of choosing between the subtle grey or the refreshing green shades.

Superior Foil Covers and Foil Tank Covers Integration:

Uncompromised Barrier to Rainwater:

Utilizing the advanced protection of foil covers and foil tank covers, our creations ensure impeccable defense against rainwater. Our covers are masterfully designed to prevent any rainwater from entering your tank or clarifier. Moreover, the unique flap within the tank interior guarantees that condensate is securely retained, reinforcing the efficiency of the foil tank covers.

Effective Emission & Odor Control:

Our Flexible Tank Cover, enhanced with foil cover technology, serves as a stalwart shield against unwanted odors and harmful emissions. Whether you’re battling pungent smells or hazardous emissions, our covers stand resilient. You have the freedom to select from gas-tight and non gas-tight versions, tailored to your specific needs.

Customized to Perfection:

Reflecting the distinct requirements of each client, our foil covers and foil tank covers are more than just protective layers. They come equipped with features such as viewing windows, sampling ports, and a plethora of entrance designs, ensuring a product that’s uniquely yours.

Effortless Access Combined with Robust Protection:

Whether it’s for routine maintenance or periodic sampling, our foil tank covers are designed with user-friendly, closeable flaps for easy operator entry. Should there be a need for more extensive work or equipment removal, many of our covers can be swiftly taken apart and put back together within a day’s time.

Longevity Guaranteed:

Thanks to the robust integration of foil covers, IEC’s Flexible Tank Covers promise an extended lifespan of up to 20 years. Crafted to endure and demanding minimal maintenance, these covers ensure your tanks remain protected, giving you uninterrupted peace of mind.

When Partnering with IEC, Expect:

Custom Engineering & Design: Tailor-made designs with utmost precision, ensuring even the tiniest detail, from openings to pipe penetrations, is considered. Quality Manufacturing: Using advanced equipment and stringent Q/A & Q/C protocols, we produce covers using only premium, virgin materials. Proficient Installation: Our adept team of supervisors and welding technicians, equipped with a comprehensive fleet, ensure seamless installation. Rich Legacy: Trust is earned, and with nearly 1,000 global clients, our experience speaks volumes about our expertise. Don’t delay, get in touch and discover why IEC reigns supreme in the world of cover solutions for municipal, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

Enhanced Features of IEC’s Tank & Silo Roof Covers:

IEC’s covers aren’t just an alternative but a superior choice when compared to traditional aluminum or fiberglass dome applications. One standout feature is their design that eradicates the need for venting (in non-gas-collection scenarios), recirculation, or any explosion-proof equipment. Whether it’s water storage tanks, feeder tanks, fertilizer storage tanks, or silo roofs, these covers are an impeccable fit. Designed for flexibility, they accommodate fluctuating water levels and varying in-basin equipment with ease. Plus, their installation is a breeze!

Features of Our Floating Tank & Silo Roof Covers:

  • Fabricated leveraging IEC’s cutting-edge technology and facilities.
  • Zero maintenance hassle.
  • Offers the convenience of mixing the tank or silo roof’s contents without needing to remove the cover.

IEC Guarantee:

At IEC, client contentment remains our utmost priority. We have a staunch belief in the robustness and dependability of our products. Reflecting this confidence, every innovative product from IEC comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Choose IEC, where quality meets efficiency!

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