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Tank Liners

IEC offers tank liner products that can ensure your tank’s integrity against leaks and other problems. Our tank liners products are installed within the tank in order to ensure that the water within stays in the most ideal condition. It can effectively protect against any form of contamination, leakage and spillage and essentially makes the water storage tank more efficient at holding water and other fluids.

With IEC’s Tank Liner Products you get top notch:

Protection versus Leaks and Spills

If fluids and other liquids are consistently escaping the tank due to the inability of the tank liner not being able to perform up to standards, you are not only losing the water within but also risking contamination of the water tank from unwanted substances and organisms that can interfere with its applications. If there is a gap or leak that is large enough for fluids to escape, this also means that there is sufficient room for unwanted materials and organisms to enter as well. These may include harmful spores, mold and chemical contamination depending on the location of the storage tank. IEC’s tank liner products can protect your tank from leaks and spills and prevent any possible contamination of the contents within.

Protection against Adverse Weather Conditions

Many tanks are located outside and are therefore exposed to different weather conditions that can have a significant impact on the contents within. Conditions such as quickly changing temperatures, ultraviolet light exposure and different precipitation types can have an adverse effect on the tank’s ability to function as designed. Our tank liner products can ensure adequate protection from the effects of weather changes so that the contents within remain as they are meant to be.

The Right Tank Liner for you Projects

While there are many different tank liners available out there to choose from, it is important that you are able to select the correct one for your project. Tank liners are made from different materials and each material has its own specific advantage and limitations. Our tank liner products are designed for a multitude of different applications to ensure you get the best return on investment. They can safeguard and extend the operating life of your tank as well as minimize the risk to the environment from tank spillage. We can fabricate custom tank liner products that are suitable for any of your large industrial, water, gas, chemical, wastewater tank needs. Our expert team can ensure that the tank liner fits perfectly and remains leak proof for many years to come. Our more than two decade’s worth of manufacturing experience has placed us in the forefront of the tank liner industry. No matter what your containment requirements are, we can provide the right solutions for you. Give us a call today to learn more on how we can help you keep the integrity of your containment systems.

Our Premier Tank Liner Products:

  • Excellent tank liner material formulation that provides optimal mechanical and chemical properties.
  • Minimal tank preparation before installation significantly reduces downtime and cost.
  • Flexible tank liners that can expand and contract differently and independently from the tank itself.
  • Customizable tank liner products to fit your needs and ensure correct fit and installation.
  • Our tank liners feature excellent corrosion resistance against the most inorganic or concentrated acids and all ranges of temperatures.
  • One-piece tank liner construction that can assure liquid-tight containment.
  • Low-maintenance and very durable tank liners to protect the integrity of your tank and clarifier assets and provide the best return of your investment.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistant Properties
What do nitric acid, sodium hypochlorite; hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide have in common? These are just some of the most corrosive chemicals used in many industries. As such, storing them and other substances can be a very challenging job for plant managers as these are very corrosive to most materials, including steel. To safeguard the integrity of your storage tanks as well as extend their operational life, you need a reliable tank liner product that can provide you the best corrosion-resistant properties. At IEC, we manufacture some of the best tank liners known the world-over for their durability and reliability.

Customized Tank Liners

Every plant is unique and it is this characteristic that makes it highly improbable that all your tanks feature the same height, size and shape. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to tank liners. We can provide you with a custom made tank liner that offers the perfect fit. Our tank liners can cover every inch of the tank to ensure zero spillage and leaks. Tank liners that do not provide the right coverage leave certain sections exposed which can lead to contamination of the surrounding environment. Let our expert team at IEC help you arrive at the right specifications for your tanks. Call us today to learn more about all the products and services we offer including evaporation pond linersHDPE pond linerscontainment liners and how we can help you get the best tank liners.