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Wastewater Storage Basin and Wastewater Curtain


Wastewater is a by-product of drains and toilets from factories, schools, homes, businesses and more that flow into sewer systems on a daily basis. It can also be from rainwater, melting snow and runoff water from operational and closed landfills. The amount of leachate produced from landfills varies depending on weather conditions. On dry days the flow rate is small while rainy days produce the highest amounts of runoff when the rainwater is combined with the leachate. Dissolved organic matter, inorganic macro compounds, heavy metals and xenophobic compounds are the four main groups that compose leachate runoff.

IEC Covers offers the most reliable wastewater storage basin and wastewater curtain products that will exceed your expectations. Let IEC Covers put its proven track record experience to work for you. We are the number one supplier of wastewater storage basin and wastewater curtain products for hundreds of wastewater applications ranging from flow equalization, clarification, biological treatment and sludge storage to digestion. Let our almost three decades of experience help you in your wastewater storage needs.

Features of Our Wastewater Storage Basin and Wastewater Curtaon

Our wastewater storage basin is very effective at seepage prevention and we have the ability to fabricate almost any size and install them efficiently and quickly on-site. Rely on IEC Covers to provide you with an excellent product made from reinforced polyethylene and similar materials to provide you with the most dependable product possible that offers:
  • Excellent Chemical resistance
  • Effective soil and erosion control
  • Excellent water loss prevention qualities
  • Excellent puncture and tear resistance features
  • May be used in potable water
  • Safe for flora and fauna
Our wastewater storage basin and wastewater curtain is made out of reinforced polyethylene. It combines multiple forms of polyethylene material so as to ramp up performance. Through the addition of a reinforced layer, the tear resistance is increased so that it is not easily torn during the installation process. The excellent chemical resistance of our wastewater storage basin makes it the ideal solution for use in lagoons and wastewater ponds. It can store high levels of chlorine and other chemicals necessary for wastewater treatment and allows you the option to get rid of small above ground tanks with in-ground storage containment systems.

Why Choose Us

Unrivaled Experience in the Industry

We are known worldwide as the number one supplier of tank liner, geomembrane covers for lagoons and other wastewater storage applications. We have an expert in-house team of engineers that can work with you to ensure your wastewater curtain is designed to provide the most excellent performance geared towards your unique application.

Highest Quality Products

Our world-class wastewater storage basin products offer the best durability and we stand behind them with guaranteed satisfaction. We have proprietary coatings that are resistant to the elements and allow our “no leak” policy to commence while also providing the best corrosion and abrasion resistance in the market today. All our wastewater storage basin and wastewater curtain products are manufactured using the strictest standards of quality in controlled environments thereby eliminating application risks that are associated with field installation. No matter how big or small the project is, IEC Covers can guarantee an on time, get-it-right-the-first-time delivery.

We provide you with a single contact person from order entry through completion and acceptance of your project to ensure all your requirements and specifications are met.

Best Value Products

With IEC Covers wastewater storage basin you get superior and durable construction and expert field installation. This means that you achieve lower and overall lifecycle costs when compared to alternatives. The fast field installation reduces the downtime of critical processes and our products can be put into service even during inclement weather. Our reduced initial cost and maintenance requirements allow you to stay within budget.

High Specific Strength

Our wastewater storage basin offers higher specific strength compared to others in the market and can also resist higher temperature levels too. Its excellent chemical and ultraviolet light resistant properties allow it to be an extremely cost-effective choice for your projects. The wastewater storage basin is field welded using hot wedge welders and extrusion welders that are virtually stronger than the sheet itself. No need to cover due to its superior ultraviolet resistance properties.

Applications of our Wastewater Storage Basin

  • Biological treatment
  • Anaerobic and aerobic digesters
  • Sludge storage
  • Flow equalization
  • Clarifiers
  • Petrochemical
  • Potable water
  • Industrial
  • Fire protection
  • Aeration basin
  • Sedimentation
  • Raw waste storage
  • Effluent storage
When it comes to wastewater storage basins nothing beats IEC Covers, the industry leader in wastewater storage, covers and liner products. Call us today to learn more.