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You Can Improve The Performance Of Wastewater In Colder Climates By Adding Covers

March 31, 2020

Example of a Wastewater Baffle System that is floating over a lagoon.Any pond can lose quite a bit of heat via the surface. Any heat that is lost because of wave action, wind and differentials in the water or air temperature can be detrimental. You can add an insulated cover to help address all three of these heat-loss contributors. The IEC’s cover helps to cut back on heat loss by covering the surface of the water, which then eliminates air to water interface. Not only that, but wave action is also inhibited within a pond that has the entire surface area covered.

A pond system that ends up losing a great deal of heat can have issues when it comes to biological activity, which then reduces WWTF’s performance. Affected first is the autotrophic bacteria and then the heterotrophic population.

With IEC’s cover system, heat loss is reduced, creating an environment that is helpful for a more stable, year-long bacterial population. Reducing such heat loss as well as bacterial fluctuations for the wastewater system provides more predictable and consistent performance.