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Agricultural Cover Systems

Unique and Affordable Cover and Liner Solutions for Agricultural Applications

For over twenty years, IEC has been providing farmers with affordable and effective cover and manure storage applications designed to meet their needs and environmental regulation requirements.

With ever-changing NRCS waste and nutrient management regulations, IEC’s wide range of cover solutions solves the toughest problems, including:

Gas Collection


Odor Control


Rainwater Collection


Nutrient Management


Make Your Manure Management System Work for You

Whether you own a small farm or a large dairy business, our manure management systems can help turn waste into wages:
  • Generate electricity: In addition to controlling odors, our gas collection systems generate electricity from the bio gas, which can be used on the farm or sold back to the electrical grid.
  • Capture rainwater: Our gas collection covers and odor control covers can also be used to eliminate and capture rainwater. Rainwater collection is a huge expense, particular in the southeast and lower Midwest where rainwater becomes a major operational expense. The rainwater can be pumped off-site or collected in a separate pond or lagoon.

Manure Lagoon Liners

IEC also installs liners in manure lagoons and manure pits for both the dairy and pork industry. IEC’s liners are typically installed in less than two weeks. Our lagoon and pond liners are fabricated from the highest quality resins available. Our gas collection covers, odor control covers and manure lagoon liners have been proven effective for the dairy and hog farmer for over 20 years.