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IEC Covers is the leading manufacturer of geosynthetic covers used for the control of odors and gases that are emitted from manure ponds, wastewater treatment systems, and more. We design and manufacture large custom and prefabricated impermeable biogas collection covers which reduce the odors from manure ponds by up to 95%. Our gas collection covers are made up of modular panels that can be adapted to a variety of different applications.


If you’re looking for a way to cover your anaerobic digester, manure storage, or wastewater treatment system, our biogas collection cover might be the perfect option. Our biogas collection covers are designed to work with systems that have low solids content. This makes them ideal for dairy or other facilities with effective solids separation prior to water treatment. They can also be used for industrial wastewater treatment systems.


The use of biogas collection lagoon covers is a great way to treat manure-contaminated water. By using a solids separation step to keep the dissolved solids low, and by using a biogas collection lagoon cover to create an anaerobic environment, you can produce biogas that can be used for alternative energy or flared.

Slurry Storage Covers are typically used for odor control in the swine industry but are applicable to any manure storage systems where the solids content is above 5%. These covers are used to control odors by preventing of evaporation of volatiles and gases during the storage of the manure. The end-use for the manure in these applications is land application which is typically done annually.

The IEC biogas collection pond cover, biogas collection tank covers, and biogas lagoon covers are custom-designed cover systems that are gas-tight and specifically created for each client’s unique requirements. The biogas collection covers are used to capture and channel gases from the basin to perimeter piping beneath the cover. This allows the gases to be flared or used as fuel.


IEC’s biogas collection cover design includes rainwater trenches to help keep the cover in place, while also allowing rainwater to migrate to a sump enclosure. The sump enclosure can then pump the water off of the cover or direct it back into the basin. This helps keep the cover in place and prevents flooding.


When it comes to choosing a company to install your geomembrane cover, experience is key. IEC has nearly three decades of experience in designing and installing these covers, ensuring a successful project every time. Our certified technicians have installed more than 10 million square feet of covers in some of the harshest industrial, municipal, agricultural, and environmental conditions.