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Geotextile for Liners


When it comes to geotextile for liner products, trust only the industry leader with a solid reputation in the containment industry to provide you with a product you can truly depend on. IEC offers premier geotextile for liner products for use in a wide variety of applications.

What is a Geotextile for Liner?

A geotextile for liner also known as geotextile membranes are pieces of fabric that are inserted into the ground to provide a protective membrane. They provide a number of different functions and applications but are commonly used for drainage and engineering projects.

Types of Geotextile for Liners

There are two kinds of geotextile for liners that are available for use in the market today.


A permeable geotextile for liner is porous and let water pass through. These geotextile membranes can either be woven or non-woven. A woven permeable geotextile liner is made by weaving individual threads together in order to create a large, uniform piece of material. They are not that porous but feature excellent load capacities which means they are good for use in erosion control and reinforcement applications but not ideal for drainage projects.
Non-women permeable geotextile membranes are made using synthetic materials bonded together and feature holes that are punched through in the material.


An impermeable geotextile for liner will not allow water to pass through the membrane; they are quite useful for preventing water from traveling through a certain section or retain it within a specific space.

IEC’s Geotextile for Liner Applications

Woven and Nonwoven Fabrics for Support and Stability

Our woven and nonwoven geotextile liner products offer excellent robustness and durability designed to increase the stability of the soil and ground support for a specific location. The geotextile for liners is made using polypropylene fibers that provide excellent strength in order to allow maximum slope support, stability and erosion control. Options include a felt-like nonwoven variant and a woven polypropylene geotextile liner.

Geotextile Nonwoven Fabric for Liners

The geotextile nonwoven fabric for liner is used in a variety of environmental and civil applications in order to separate aggregates, filter materials and offer a dependable foundation beneath certain sections. Designed and engineered by expert IEC technicians, it offers excellent levels of permeability to suit your needs. Our nonwoven geotextile for liner is the perfect solution for separation, drainage, sediment control, cushioning and other construction and road repair projects.

Sizes and Uses

As the nonwoven fabric may be used in virtually any stabilization, separation or cushioning purposes, nonwoven geotextiles are popularly used in sections that need filtration. The nonwoven material design offers a higher flow rate which allows easier passage of water through it. The geotextile for liners is manufactured in varying weights so as to accommodate the needs of specific projects such as drainage, durability as well as other factors. If you are unsure which liner will work best for your project, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to answer all your questions and concerns.
One of the best choices for drainage, filtration and stabilization, the nonwoven geotextile for liners is made from a felt-like fabric, is very lightweight and able to provide both filtration and reinforcement functions in construction areas. Nonwoven geotextiles are mostly used around pipes, ditches, underground drains and other sections that often deal with high levels of subsurface drainage or site runoff.
Lightweight Geotextiles — are used for drainage, landscaping, filter fabrics and asphalt overlay projects.
Medium Weight Geotextiles – Ideal for erosion control, aggregate separation, stabilization and drainage.
Heavy Weight Geotextiles – Perfect for geomembrane cushioning and road stabilization projects.

Applications for Nonwoven Geotextile Liner

Asphalt Overlay

When there is constant cracking in asphalt, a geotextile liner may be utilized in order to assist in creating an additional layer of support. Installing a nonwoven geotextile liner prior to laying down asphalt can help prevent additional cracking and lets roads have additional flexibility during use.

Geotextile Drainage

By far one of the most popular applications for the nonwoven fabric, it centers on filtration of French drains and subsurface drains. The geotextile liner assists in filtering out silt while still letting the water to flow through it.

Separation of Aggregate

In areas where soil stabilization is needed, our nonwoven fabric geotextile liner serves an essential role of allowing water to pass through. This creates a stable layer of material that will not weaken because of water.

Advantages of our Nonwoven Geotextile for Liner

Engineered using a combination of materials that offer excellent resistance to the challenges of outdoor use or liners are:
  • Made using 100% polypropylene staple fibers
  • Needle-punched
  • Random network formation
  • Excellent ultraviolet light resistance
  • Rot resistant
  • Resistant to biological degradation
  • Stable within pH range (2-13)
At IEC we take quality control very seriously. Our geotextile for liners products undergo stringent quality control and testing measures to ensure that you receive only the best product possible. All of our geotextile liner materials undergo mechanical and hydraulic testing including testing for physical properties. With IEC’s geotextile for liner products you get top notch quality including excellent:
  • Puncture Resistance – this measures the index puncture resistance and shows the absorption of force when the geotextile absorbs a concentrated load
  • Grab Tensile Strength – Strength and elongation are good measures of properties under one directional stress
  • Excellent Ultraviolet Resistance – Measured before and after exposure to UV light. The loss in strength is reported as the percent strength retention of the material
  • Chemical Resistance – Our geotextile for for liner products have shown excellent chemical resistant properties when exposed to the normal chemical environment seen in the soil
  • Biological Resistance – Our liner showed excellent resistance to degradation as seen through the inertness of the artificial polymers present in the material.

Hydraulic Geotextile Testing

When the geotextile for liner is used as a filter it needs to satisfy two conflicting design criteria namely: piping and permeability. Our liner has shown to prevent particles from washing through and also allows adequate drainage and relief of hydrostatic pressure.
For all your geotextile liner needs, trust only in IEC to provide you with a world-class product that will suit all your requirements and specifications. Contact us today to learn more about all the products and services we offer including evaporation pond linersHDPE pond linerscontainment liners and more. We’re very excited to hear from you.