in design, fabrication, and installation of geomembrane covers & liners.

Industrial/Municipal Cover Products

Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) offers a wide range of industrial cover products for a variety of industrial applications, including gas collection, rainwater collection, wastewater management, odor control, evaporation control, and waste management.



Agricultural Cover Products

For over twenty years, IEC has been providing farmers with affordable and effective cover applications designed to meet their needs and environmental regulation requirements. With ever-changing nutrient management regulations, IEC’s wide range of cover solutions solves the toughest problems.



Liner Systems

IEC liner systems can be found in some of the harshest climates on earth. Our experienced crews have successfully installed geomembrane in some of the most challenging basins of every size and configuration imaginable across four separate continents.



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Publications Where IEC Products & Services Have Been Featured


American Dairyman

AmDairymenNov2013-IECCoverOn any dairy farm, handling waste products is an important part of the producer’s farm management plan. Managing manure and other by-products is definitely a complex issue. Managing dairy wastes means protecting the quality of surface and ground water, finding ways to utilize the waste product and being “neighbor” friendly when it comes to potential odors emitted from these waste by-products. As environmental stewards, producers must deal with a number of variables ranging from animal concentration, to weather, to terrain and soils of the land. Answers to these issues have become more technical and complicated as requirements increase along with changes that have occurred in the framework set by the Environmental Agency’s (EPA) 2008 Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Rule.


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BioCycle-Magazine-IECCoverIn 2013, the Blue Mountain Biogas Power Generation plant came on line in Beaver County, Utah. Owned and operated by Alpental Energy Partners of Provo, Utah – developers of alternative energy power plants – the $17 million, 3.2 MV plant is generating electricity from biogas provided by the anaerobic digestion of swine manure. A portion of the capital costs was eligible to be covered by a U.S. Treasury 1603 Grant.


Murphy Brown, the livestock production subsidiary of Smithfield (the largest hog producer in the U.S.), operates the hog farms in Beaver County. The 10 farms on the 1,000-acre Blue Mountain site, along with adjacent skyline farms, produce around one million hogs a year, so a constant stream of manure is available for biogas production. Until construction of the Blue Mountain Biogas plant, all manure was transferred by the farming operation to settlements tanks, where it evaporated, releasing methane into the atmosphere.


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Biodigester ribbon cutting at WI’s largest dairy

Biodigester-ribbon-cutting-at-wi-largest-dairyJan. 6, 2014 - Around 100 people from around the globe braved Wisconsin’s freezing temperatures to attend the ribbon cutting of Rosendale Dairy’s new 1.4-megawatt biodigester.


The facility – which generates farm-produced energy, tackles environmental concerns, provides unique learning experiences, and creates profitable end-products – was launched December 11.


The project included installing two of BIOFerm Energy System’s complete mix anaerobic digestion tanks — COCCUS — as well as the construction of a hands-on learning laboratory.


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Industrial and Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) was the winner in
international competition for an Agricultural Project in Saudi Arabia.

PDF IconIndustrial and Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) was the winner in international competition for an Agricultural Project in Saudi Arabia. Sinopec, the largest oil refining company in the world, awarded IEC a contract, to design and install covers for multiple water reservoirs in the arid region.


Lakeville, MN – July 24, 2014 – The Kingdom of Saudi and Sinopec (the world’s largest oil refining company in the world), awarded Industrial and Environmental Concepts, Inc. of Lakeville, Minnesota a contract in the Al Khobar region of Saudi Arabia. The project is managed by the Saudi Government and their agency Hassa Irrigation and Drainage. The Saudi government recognizes the importance of water, and is currently employing the world’s leaders in the water industry to assist in their development and preservation of their countries resources. Industrial and Environmental Concepts has designed an innovative Evaporation Mitigation Cover System that not only reduces evaporation, but also traps rainwater and keeps wind-blown debris from entering water reservoirs.


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Industrial and Environmental Concepts, Inc. is the winner of their
Innovative Technology of the Year award.

PDF IconWater Environment Federation announces Industrial and Environmental Concepts, Inc. is the winner of their Innovative Technology of the Year award. WAVE, a new water sampling & analysis instrument enables fast & instantaneous detection of pollutants & their indicators in large bodies of water, enhanced by highly detailed geo-coordinate mapping.


Lakeville, MN – July 24, 2014 – Researchers, government officials and private industry can now pull and analyze samples for multiple pollutants and their indicators at boat speeds up to 40 mph. WAVE (Water Analysis via Exploration), a new product by Industrial and Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) has won the Water Environment Federation’s Innovative Technology Award of the Year. WAVE’s sophisticated software provides the operator with real time data display, which allows the operator to adjust the sampling transect if needed.


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“Water Environment Federation
featuring WAVE as winner of
Innovative Technology of the Year".


WAVE is a winner of the Water Environment Federations Innovative Technology
of the Year award.

PDF IconWAVE took part in the Innovation Showcase Pavillion at WEFTEC 2014 and was one of winners of Water Environment Federations Innovative Technology of the Year Awards.


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Manure Manager Magazine

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  Industrial & Environmental Concepts (IEC) Honored at Award Ceremony for Work in Exporting Water Equipment.

PDF IconJune, 2015 - Industrial and Environmental Concepts (IEC), was honored as a winner of the MN. Governor’s International Trade Awards during an award ceremony in St. Paul. The company was selected for developing and continuing to grow a significant part of their business in foreign markets and developing innovative approaches for competing globally. IEC is a designer, manufacturer and installer of floating covers used in water treatment. IEC covers are used worldwide for applications including anaerobic bio-gas systems, odor control, heat retention and wastewater treatment for a wide range of municipal and industrial applications.


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IEC Announces Serbian Contract Award from Belgian firm, Global Water Engineering.

PDF IconLakeville, Minnesota--(BUSINESS WIRE)—IEC announced their bio-gas cover technology will be installed at Molson Brewery in Serbia. IEC was issued the contract from the general contractor and engineering firm, Global Water Engineering, Hong Kong.

The contract is a joint effort of both companies to design, supply and install a gas collection system to serve Molson’s expanded anaerobic treatment process. The USA materials and pre-fabricated panels will be exported to Serbia where they will be installed by local Serbian labor and skilled tradesman under IEC and GWE’s supervision.


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Serbian brewer to improve operations with U.S. biogas cover technology.

Web IconLAKEVILLE, MN, June 25, 2015 -- Industrial and Environmental Concepts (IEC), a specialist in the design, fabrication and installation of industrial cover and liner systems, has announced that its biogas cover technology will be installed at the Molson Brewery in Serbia.

IEC was issued the contract from the general contractor and engineering firm, Global Water Engineering (GWE). The contract is a joint effort of both companies to design, supply and install a gas collection system to serve Molson's expanded anaerobic treatment process.


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Covering lagoon stops odor complaints.

PDF IconProblem: United Liquid Waste Recycling of Watertown, Wisconsin, recycles food and beverage waste into valuable byproducts such as fertilizer. Odors from the anaerobic treatment process needed to be stopped to enable the company to expand. Two lagoon anaerobic digesters needed an affordable odor control system, which had to function whether the lagoons were full or empty.

Solution: The owners selected Industrial and Environmental Concepts to cover the two 3.5-million-gallon lagoons. The 57,600- square-foot membrane covers collect the biogas and channel it to a draw-off location where it can be effectively controlled. The covers function at any water depth.

Result: The cover system has operated for three years with no problems, allowing the company to grow and expand into Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Indiana. 952/829-0731; www.ieccovers.com.


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BioMass Magazine: Roeslein halfway done with first phase of massive AD project

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Construction of phase one of Roeslein Alternative Energy’s $80 million anaerobic digestion project is about halfway complete and on schedule to be operational by the middle of next year, the company reported.

Work at the site, Smithfield Foods hog finishing farms in northern Missouri, began in August 2014. The project, which Roeslein believes is the largest livestock manure-toenergy project of its kind, involves nine Smithfield Foods Missouri hog production facilities, and the waste from nearly two million pigs.


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Capturing renewable natural gas for the pork industry

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A Missouri project, believed to be the largest and most comprehensive livestock manure-to-energy of its type in the world, is currently under way. The project efficiently treats waste from approximately 2 million hogs. The farms are being covered by Industrial & Environmental Concepts, a designer and installer of cover systems for wastewater lagoons and tanks. Roeslein Alternative Energy of St. Louis selected IEC to provide the gas collection cover systems to dozens of hog lagoons in northern Missouri.


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  EPA publishes the book; "Principles of Design and Operations of Wastewater Treatment Pond Systems for Plant Operators, Engineers, and Managers"

EPA Cover PageThe book includes a chapter that features our insulated modular covers as one of the approved technologies for wastewater treatment.




Manure Manager Magazine




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IAGI Certificate 2016



Feature Article on Geomembranes by Africa Review Online

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