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Top-Rated Construction Safety Stairs

In construction sites, stairways are a very common feature as they are used for a variety of purposes such as moving materials from one level to another, movement of workers and equipment. One of the most common accidents in construction sites is fall from stairs and this often leads to serious injuries and sometimes, even death. Employers therefore need to take all necessary safety measures on jobsites to protect workers from trip, fall and slip hazards on any walking or working surface including stairs. IEC Covers offers construction safety stairs to make your workplace a much safer place to work for your crew.

Stair Design and Construction for a Safe Climb

When you work at a construction site you encounter a lot of equipment, debris and other objects along the path of your route. The risk of accidents and potential injury rises when you need to go from higher to lower or lower to higher. It is important that the stairs you use comply with standard safety precautions for use on construction sites. At IEC Covers our experienced team of engineers have designed construction safety stairs with exactly that idea in mind. In order to increase the safety standards of our stairs we have designed it in such a way that considers the construction site environment while also maintaining its essential utilitarian value. Our design does not include risers that are too steep, treads that are too narrow or uneven riser heights and tread depths. This is to ensure that our construction safety stairs meet the standards and use for a safe working environment.

Slip Safety

One of the most common accidents in construction sites are slips. Workers can slip from just about any walking surface and stairs are no exception. Each year, many construction workers are rushed to hospital emergency rooms because they slipped while working on a construction site. IEC Covers construction safety stairs significantly reduces slip and fall hazards on your site by eliminating foot traffic on slippery liner surfaces. We use non-slip treads to ensure your feet always have the best grip all the time. When you have construction safety stairs that ensure your feet are secure, accidents and injuries are prevented.

Highly Durable

Our construction safety stairs are manufactured using only the best materials for your needs. We use premium quality galvanized steel and it is also available with coating options for use in extremely harsh environments. It can also be placed directly on top of our high quality geomembrane liners without puncturing them. With IEC Covers construction safety stairs you get a product that is not only highly dependable but also very versatile.


– We all know that each construction site is unique and that each one requires certain specifications. The stairs you choose should be able to comply with any scenario at the site. If not, then you are left with a device that is barely usable. This is why we’ve designed a stair system that can be adapted to almost any environment. IEC Covers construction safety stairs can be customized to use on any kind of slope and length. Each step can be adjusted individually, so that the entire system can adapt to any slope angle.

Cost Effective

– Our construction safety stairs have amazing features and are cost effective. As a matter of fact you can save a lot of money in the long term when you purchase our stairway system. Why? It can replace multiple catwalk crossovers and portable access stairs during the course of its service life. With that you get a stairway system that is long lasting but won’t be a costly investment.

Convenient to Install

– We all know that time is money when working on construction sites. You need equipment that is ready to go and be used at a moment’s notice. The last thing you need are stairs that take way too much time and effort to set up. IEC Covers construction safety stairs are so easy to install that they only require basic hand tools. Set it up quickly and start working on your project immediately with little fuss.

When it comes to stairs, rely on the expertise and experience of IEC Covers. Our reputation covers almost three decades and we are known the world over for our excellent products and services. Allow us to help make your work site safer with our construction safety stairs. Call us today to learn more!

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Industrial/Municipal Cover Systems

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Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) offers a wide range of industrial cover products for a variety of industrial applications, including gas collection, rainwater collection, wastewater treatment, odor control, evaporation control, and bio-solids management.


Agricultural Cover Systems

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Since 1993, IEC has been providing farmers with affordable and effective cover solutions designed to meet their needs and environmental regulation requirements. With ever-changing nutrient management regulations, IEC’s wide range of covers solve the toughest problems.


Cover Applications & Systems

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Our innovative modular covers provide a solution for issues like odor control, heat retention, gas collection and storage, evaporation mitigation, algae control, animal control, and more. Whether you need a cover for industrial, municipal or agricultural purposes, IEC can help!


Liner Systems

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IEC has the experience to handle any geomembrane liner project. Whether you’re looking for pond lagoon liners, tank liners, secondary storage systems, landfill liners, stud liner system, or liners for golf course pond, we can create the custom solution that works for you.