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Top Rated Trench Safety Stairs

According to data from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, about 60 workers lose their lives in trench-related accidents each year. Most of the accidents that happen are due to trench collapse and the worst part is that cave-ins happen very quickly and often without warning. Workers can become trapped immediately due to the pressure of the soil, which often results in death. One cubic yard of soil is equivalent to 3,000 pounds. That weight is the equivalent of a mid-sized vehicle.

Trench safety is an important factor that we consider here at IEC Covers. It is the reason why we’ve come up with a design that can help increase the safety and security of workers in the trenches. Our trench safety stairs can reduce the risk of accidents; help workers move about the trench safely and can provide an emergency exit if there are signs of a possible cave-in. Let IEC Covers provide you with reliable trench safety stairs for your projects!

There is no doubt that when working in a trench, many workers face the risk of accidents due to cave-ins and other risks. Without trench safety steps, the risk of accidents goes up immensely.

Our Trench Safety Steps Feature:

An Emergency Exit

Probably the biggest reason why trench stairs are important in excavation projects is their ability to give workers a chance to exit the trench section quickly and safely. IEC Covers trench safety stairs can act as an emergency exit if there are impending signs of a collapse.

Safe Ingress and Egress

Excavation projects are very dangerous due to the fact that there is digging on the ground that can potentially collapse without warning. If there is no standard way to ingress or egress from the trench, workers can become confused and may just try to claw their way out of the trench if there is an emergency. Our trench stairs provide workers with an easy-to-see and use device that allows them to go in and out of the trench safely.

Accident Prevention

There is a reason why they are called trench safety steps and if there is one reason why you should install one on your excavation projects, do it for this very one. Trench stairs simply prevent accidents from happening. Compare that from using an ordinary ladder. Ladders are not equipped or designed to be used in trenches or any kind of excavation. If the soil is weak, the ladder can be pushed deeper on the ground due to the weight of the worker using it. There is also a big chance that the worker can slip and have an accident.

Our trench safety stairs are designed not to seep into the wet soil as long as they are installed properly. They also feature anti-slip covers to ensure workers get a good foothold as they go about entering or exiting the trench.


When it comes to dependability you can depend on IEC Covers trench safety stairs to go the distance. Designed by engineers with decades of experience in the industry, our trench stairs are made to withstand any weather condition or climate. Made using only the best materials possible and tested in virtually all kinds of conditions and scenarios, you can rely on our trench safety steps to do their work as they were intended for.


When it comes to safety no price is really too high to protect the lives of your workers. At IEC Covers we design and fabricate top-of-the-line products using world-class standards. However, we ensure that our prices are competitive so they are not too heavy on the pocket. Rest assured we do not cut corners when making this product and what you get are trench stairs that can withstand any condition but not burn a hole in your pocket.

Adaptable – We have designed our trench stairs to be adaptable to virtually any type of scenario. You have the option to customize it to fit any slope or length. Each step is individually adjustable (0-50°) so that it can be adapted to any slope angle.

Easy to Install –As far as ease of installation is concerned, you can rely on our trench safety stairs system to be installed without too much fuss. It can be installed on your excavation project using only basic hand tools. Set it up very quickly and get back to work with little downtime.

When it comes to trench safety, nothing beats having trench safety stairs to ensure your workers are protected from accidents. Versatile, customizable to any length, and dependable nothing beats having trench safety steps for your project. Call IEC Covers today to learn more.

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